Love Ventura is a project hosted by non-profit Love VC with the purpose of 
inspiring our community to love each other through connecting, giving and serving.

Love VC's Team is made up of 100% volunteers working to make our community a
more vibrant and unified place to live, work & play.

Living in Oxnard & owning a business in Ventura, I am eager to find ways to serve
our County. I have participated in a wide variety humanitarian projects - from local efforts to crisis assistance in the U.S., and medical support abroad. Love VC is a way that I can serve in an ongoing way in my own community.
Greg Abrams - President
I serve both as a Marketing Director in Ventura, and as proud full-time momma! My background has typically been in the Non-Profit sector, and I have spent many years finding different ways to serve those in need. I am eager to continue my passion of giving to others, as well as demonstrate giving to our daughters.
Sarah Abrams - Vice President
I was fortunate to grow up with the opportunity to learn the idea of giving to others and am glad to be able to serve alongside those now with the same mentality. I have been in the area for about 10 yea3rs, and am setting down roots with my wife and two children.
Vince Savelich - Secretary
I was born and raised in Brazil but now proudly call Ventura home. I have come to love the giving spirit of this community and have often found ways to serve those most in need. Both through formal organizations and through my own philanthropy, I am ready to serve those around me.
Lucy Oliveira - Treasurer

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